Monday Musings: What is “Common Sense”?

“Why are you even asking? That’s just common sense!“ Have you ever heard someone say that to you? When we think about it, what is common sense, anyway? When we say “it’s common sense,” it just means “it’s simple logic.” Me: Sir, I’m about to send the report in to our CFO. Could you pleaseContinue reading “Monday Musings: What is “Common Sense”?”

Connecting The Dots

One of the most important speeches I’ve ever heard in my life was Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address. Listening to what he had to say while sitting in my cubicle was the moment I first asked myself seriously, “Am I in the right place?” Fast forward to today, everything he says in this videoContinue reading “Connecting The Dots”

Life Has Changed Since COVID-19. Do the Dream Shake!

Early in 2020, the whole world shut down. Life as we once knew it stopped existing. We could no longer just go out and meet up with friends and loved ones whenever we felt like it. We could not even walk around freely or even breathe fresh air without fear of contracting a potentially fatalContinue reading “Life Has Changed Since COVID-19. Do the Dream Shake!”

The Trap of Reciprocity

Peter is a great guy. He treats others well, he’s respectful, and he does everything possible to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone. At the same time, he thinks that when he sends out positive vibes, it will come back to him. Does that sound like you? Reciprocity is defined by our friends over atContinue reading “The Trap of Reciprocity”