Monday Musings: Decluttering

Space is so important. When there’s space, we can move around and explore. Have you ever looked around you and said “there’s not enough space”? After years of accumulating stuff, there comes a time when there’s just too much. Books pile onto each other in varying states of being read, gadgets are replaced by theContinue reading “Monday Musings: Decluttering”

Monday Musings: Be Kind to Yourself

I was talking to one of my clients and she told me about how her generation is into “the grind” and “you have to make it happen for yourself.” She described how her work was nowhere near as successful as the work of her peers. This reminds me of what Tomo Fujita, John Mayer’s guitarContinue reading “Monday Musings: Be Kind to Yourself”

Monday Musings: Why So Serious?

We’re bound to face problems each day. Murphy’s law is a law for a reason. Something’s just bound to go wrong, and guess what? It’s totally ok. When something bad happens, we tend to react to it negatively. If you think about it, the negative reaction is something that comes from us. The exact sameContinue reading “Monday Musings: Why So Serious?”

Monday Musings: How to Make Important Decisions

Harness your ability to travel in time. In Daniel Pink’s The Power of Regret, he talks about a superpower only humans have – time travel. Our minds are able to go into the past, change certain decisions, then imagine what our present and future will be if we made that change. We don’t even needContinue reading “Monday Musings: How to Make Important Decisions”

Monday Musings: What is “Common Sense”?

“Why are you even asking? That’s just common sense!“ Have you ever heard someone say that to you? When we think about it, what is common sense, anyway? When we say “it’s common sense,” it just means “it’s simple logic.” Me: Sir, I’m about to send the report in to our CFO. Could you pleaseContinue reading “Monday Musings: What is “Common Sense”?”